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From Film to Fashion Week (part II)

Years Ago, When I was just starting to fall in love with editorial work one goal that was at the top of my list was to work behind the scenes at New York Fashion Week. I am insanely thankful for the designers who enlist the help of myself and the rest of our team to provide the beauty styling backstage for their collections. I am also thankful to be a part of a great team that link up in different cities around the globe to do killer work. A hairstylist, Heather King, from St.Louis and a Hair and Makeup Artist, Derek Moser, from Charlotte NC do the scouting and scheduling of gigs for our team of stylists called HiDefintion Professional. Thanks to all of these individuals I have been blessed to work two years at New York Fashion Week and lead a team at Paris Fashion Week. 


Fashion Week, for myself, was a short get in do a lot of work and get out gig. I was I the city on the 9th and 10th of September and spent the same amount of time traveling to and from on the bus. I wasn't even sure if I was going to have the availability to go until a couple of weeks before and by then the price of a plane ticket just wasn't the best option. This trip was my second time working at NYFW but my first time on a Greyhound Bus, especially for 24 hours. My good friend and I spent the day of the 9th walking around SOHO and Manhattan shopping, picking up last minute kit supplies and getting lost. When I first knew that there was any chance of me going I immediately started sending emails to a few talent agencies that I have been following for some time now. I was prepared to stay in the city for longer than expected if I landed a meeting with any of their scouts but unfortunately, I did not receive any response. This is my next big goal as a makeup artist, agency representation, and this was my first small attempt. If I could give one piece of advice it would be to never stop trying but don't forget to evolve as you move forward. Try doing things differently all the time and you will more than likely learn from your mistakes and perform at a higher level. There isn't a manual to help you through the hard parts in life but if you're learning from your mistakes there is only growth waiting for you. 

My first set location of the day was at New York's First Stage located in Downtown Manhattan at The Dream Hotel. Nina Tiari's makeup look was a simple rose gold eye with a dewy complexion. Not too much shade in the cheek and a soft brow with a red glossy lip. I was paired up with three separate models to work with and they were all so diverse. I was set up alongside three of my favorite people, Louisville stylists Matthew Tyldesley and Isidro Valencia and a stylist from North Carolina Ashley Ortiz. The music selection was great and the entire team was extremely organized. Just like in France for Paris Fashion Week the team was sponsored by Redken and NYX Cosmetics. It was my first time working with NYX primer Honey Dew me up as well as their Dewy Setting Spray and they were both absolute perfection. I definitely recommend these products to anyone looking to create a glow on the complexion as they give a great finish and are extremely versatile while being easy to work with. It was a little strange doing such a minimal look. We were able to knock everyone out fast but there was this weird feeling that we were missing something. 

After wrapping up Nina's show we taxi'd over to the next location at Hotel Pennsylvania. This time we were styling for Stevie Boi, a designer that I have worked with a few times prior to this gig. His SS18 Noir collection was showcased at Walk Fashion Show. Multiple designers were showing and space was limited so this meant sharing backstage space as well. Things were much louder and much more crowded compared to the first set and this time I was assisting the hair team instead of doing makeup. Together we all knocked out 40 models. It has been extremely exciting to see the success that Stevie Boi has had. He is extremely talented and creative in a very genuine and unique way. I feel very fortunate to have met him and experience his passion for art and creation. The show has been featured in a few popular media platforms already such as Harper's Bazaar Espana, Elle Italy and Spain, The Impression. 

Fashion Week was definitely a success and I left the city with a few more names and amazing talent in my pool of friends. Working backstage during Fashion Week is a huge dream of mine come to life and one of those goals that you cant ever really stop working towards. I am excited for the day that I can walk on to set and provide makeup for some of the fashion greats and trendsetters such as Christian Dior or Jeremy Scott. Until then, I'll keep my eyes to the sky.   


These images above are from backstage at Nina Tiari and a couple from the runway. Nina has also had some great press from this show and it is well deserved. She was hitting every major trend and even got spotlighted in Cosmopolitan for her attention to detail and flair bell bottoms. MoodBoard Magazine and Fashion Week Online were also there to cover all of the hard work produced on the First Stage. Also, huge thanks to Beauty Launchpad and Heather King for documenting the Behind the Scenes action on their Instagram story that day.  I am proud of artists on this team and could not be more excited for the work that we do to be shared on so many different influential media publications. 

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