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I first started playing with makeup as a senior in High School with my good friend, Olivia Hall. She had a natural talent for makeup and had a huge supply. Her passion and creativity was so inspiring. I was not the type to wear makeup and did not grow up with the funds to invest in makeup for myself. What a blessing to have met such a great friend that also opened the doors to my future passion & career. I have always been more artistic before intellect and fell in love with the art of makeup quickly. I attended cosmetology school at Paul Mitchell the school Lexington in Lexington, Ky. 

I graduated cosmetology school in 2011 and began practicing hair and makeup as a freelance artist. After my initial training with Clinique, I later began working with Christian Dior and today I am a freelance artist with M-A-C. In 2012, I started working more on sets with photographers for model developments and editorial fashion spreads as well as behind the scenes at fashion shows. I quickly discovered that I was meant for a studio instead of a salon. I am mostly a self taught artist but have learned a considerable amount from industry pro's during my 6 year career as a Professional Makeup Artist. In 2016, I found myself working makeup backstage during New York Fashion Week and a few months later in 2017 was on a flight to Paris to lead a team during Paris Fashion Week. I have been privileged enough to work frequently with publications doing beauty for editorial projects as well as cover portraits all over the nation. My style is very natural and minimalist. I like to consider most looks Faux Full-Coverage. However, any look that your gravitated towards is the look I would love to create for you. In 2017, I began working more doing hair and makeup for film productions. Very similar to fashion, I began developing characters and supporting their appearance during long days o set. In 2018, I invested in another beauty skill, Microblading. This is a service that can be life changing for some and has become a popular way to save time in the morning but not having to fill in your eyebrows.

I have since then also pursued a certification and practice within my other passion: Health & Fitness. I attending The National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2014 and gained my certification as Certified Personal Trainer. We are challenged every day to balance our family and work as well as our mental and physical health. My training style is designed around helping you get healthy from the inside out. Improving balance and core strength and then increasing your physical strength and overall performance. We train for a successful life not for anyone's approval.

If you want to learn more about me or keep up with what I am currently working on follow my blog or find me on social media. 

XOXO Bethany

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